Be relentlessly you

Must read for entrepreneurs and professionals

who dare to take on life

What is life really about? When do you take on life and what is it to be relentlessly

yourself? To what extend can you be who you are, do what you desire deep

down and what suits you? And do you make heartfelt choices in life?


In ‘Be relentlessly you’ you’ll be inspired by what life is all about,

in a powerful, pure and intense way. 

Be relentlessly you cover


Be relentlessly you


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A wealth of inspiration and insights

Topics covered in this book are on (self) confidence, love, acceptance,

letting go, surrender, success, ego, speaking up, fulfillment,

gratefulness and much more.


With personal and appealing stories and reflections of people with different

backgrounds and various fields of work, such as a neurologist,

banker, psychic, shaman and poet.