Cover Be relentlessly yourself

Be relentlessly yourself


“I would wish everyone to read this beautiful, insightful book at some point on their life journey towards fully embracing who they are, owning their space and daring be relentlessly themselves. This is the sort of book that stays with you and that you return to on a regular basis, to remind yourself of what really matters, of how much more you are than what you sometimes believe.”

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Evelien as speaker

Looking for a authentic speaker for a group of entrepreneurs and / or entrepreneurial professionals? With passion and inspiration I ensure a profound connection with my audience, and go to the core of what personal leadership is all about. In such a way that you experience the effect of having more impact, acting from your unique power of being. I speak both online and offline, in Dutch or English. Interactivity and intensity guaranteed.
Evelien van Es
E-Book Cover 11 Key Insights

11 Key Insights


Do you want to build a lasting business on an authentic foundation? Do you feel somehow stuck, in need of clarity, missing the bigger picture? Do you wonder what next steps to take, then my e-book ’11 Key Insights for Succesful Business Owners’ is yours to read. I share some of my key insights that I would have eagerly wanted to know when I started my business back in 2006.

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Online strategy session

In my entrepreneurship I have always benefited from being able to have sparring partners and coaches to continuously work on my personal and professional development.


Weekly I offer free online strategy sessions where you can drop any business or personal development related question in a 1-on-1 setting with me, online. Don’t hesitate, and sign up for a free session now.
Evelien van Es

“The ultimate misery is living a life that is not our own”

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