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Understanding yourself and others

In my coaching practice I use Human Design and the Gene Keys as a valuable supporting tool in my work as a coach. Saying that means helping someone gain specific insights while in their proces of getting to know themselves to their core being and wanting to rely more on their nature, both business wise, in relationships and whatever context you can think of. The added value of your own unique blueprint from Human Design lies in being able to apply it. It offers insights into your innate possibilities and limitations in many areas, but you can only give it more meaning and really bring it to life, if you know and will experience how to deepen it and start to really embody it. Only then you will discover how it can serve you on your journey of growth and development and, that’s where I’m guiding you in as a Human Design Coach. Imagine how valuable it is if, based on your own design and that of the people you work and live with, you can improve and deepen your relationships and learn to understand each other better?

Living your design

Every person has a Human Design and Gene Keys profile in which specific innate possibilities and limitations are established. Every human being is unique, we do not fit the same mold, and, moreover not everything is malleable. This while the world in which we live and the system often has a one-fits-all approach. By becoming more aware of your nature, with the help of your Human Design profile and your Gene Keys, you will be better able to find the right balance in your (working) life and make decisions in alignment with your core essence. In order for you to experience more inner peace, to fully accept and embrace yourself – not just as a mental
concept, but actually embodied – and, where needed, transform your life
so that you can live the life that suits you and your design.

Your request for help is always leading


Insight into your Human Design and Gene Keys profile is most effective in the context of your specific request for help. You may have already had a Human Design chart drawn up, in the form of a colorful Body Graph, but you don’t actually do much with it or haven’t yet gained deeper insight in how it can serve you. That’s a missed opportunity, because there is so much depth into it especially in the context of your request for help. My clients’ request for help is always leading in my coaching. This could be, for example, questioning: ‘I have this restless feeling from within and it’s effecting my relationship, how do I get out of this?’,  ‘I want a job that really suits me and fulfills me, but I’m not sure what and where to start?’, ‘My mind is constantly spinning, how do I learn to connect with wat I feel’ or ‘What is my purpose?’. It may also be that there is tension in your relationship(s), collaborations and/or friendships and, that you do not know how to improve this. These are some questions I often hear as a coach that I can very well work with, to help create clarity from within supported by Human Design, among other things. 
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Bringing your personal design to life

Human Design is based on the assumption that your possibilities and limitations are pretty much fixed at the moment of conception and birth. It is impressive to see this expressed in a Human Design Chart and how accurate this appears in practice. The real added value is created when you’re able to put it into practice and if you find your way in growing your inner wisdom supported by the insights from both your Human Design profile as well as your Gene Keys profile. It’s all a matter of doing and experiencing and learning how to bring it to life for you.
As a Human Design Coach, I am here to guide you step by step to gain more wisdom
about yourself, supported by your Human Design profile and your Gene Keys.
This way you can bring your personal development to the next level.

Explore the essence of your being

Clients about Evelien as a Human Design Coach


“It was my first coaching session ever. I went in head first, having no expectations, but it turned out to be very good and valuable for me. I liked how you prepared it, our interaction and the insights I had during the session. You were absolutely spot on regarding my needs and, about what really bothered me and also you managed to open some emotions for me. I loved this Human Design coaching session.”
– Adrian
“I experienced Evelien in the Human Design Coaching as open, sympathetic, knowledgeable, pure, authentic, to the point, spot on, genuine, sincere, unique, focused on growth, going the extra mile and I could go on and on.”
– Monique
“Human Design is a wonderful way to get a solid insight into who you are and what a good direction is for your life path. In addition, it provides flawless insight into your ‘feeders and bleeders’. Evelien is a very gifted (business) coach by nature, but now that she has trained herself in Human Design, she really reaches the next level for me. I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on a trajectory with her in which Human Design plays a role. Don’t hesitate: just do it!”
– Wendy Eelsing
“Evelien quickly gets to the heart of the matter and, has a great sense of what is going on. The insights she has provided in a short time are real eye-openers. I already notice such a difference in my thinking and acting. And all this from being who you really are! I can wholeheartedly recommend Evelien as a coach!”
– Roel Weverling
“Evelien helped me discover my uniqueness and that’s what I was looking for. After the first session she helped me to become calmer and more confident about who I am and what I have to offer. She guided me perfectly to look at the things I couldn’t notice on my own. I now have a deeper understanding and insight into myself. You are a great coach. It’s really rocket science what you did to me. You have been very supportive and 100% present in the coaching sessions, fully focused on my needs and supporting me in building my business. Thank you very much, Evelien.”
– Anoniem
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My Human Design journey


Years ago, I first became acquainted with Human Design myself. When I first looked at my Human Design chart, my mind was spinning. Step by step I started using it deepening my observations about myself and my life journey so far, both business wise as well as privately. After I had first studied Human Design, I took it a step forward into the wonderful world of the Gene Keys. Time and time again I am amazed at the richness it offers in gaining more and more mastery in how to best navigate this life.


Generator with a 6/2 profile
As a Generator with a 6/2 profile, it was a joy recognizing so much and it gave me confirmation that I was on the right path. By looking back at my life so far, it gave me deep insights into myself, my path so far and the choices I made in it. Partly because of this, I have now created the life in terms of content and form as it suits me. In addition, it has helped me to deepen my connections with others. After immersing in my own profile, I gradually started applying it to clients in my coaching. First with Human Design and later adding more and more of the Gene Keys to it. This completes it for me and offers an infinite world of possibilities for transformation

Boost your personal development

You could call Human Design a form of modern science in which science and spirituality integrate. Actually, this isn’t new, we just live in a zeitgeist in which science is often approached with a one-sided rational approach, while history has shown us that this was different many years ago. Human Design is a system that was created in 1987 by Robert Alan Krakower and contains elements from Astrology, the Chakra system, the Kabbalah, the I’Ching, Quantum Physics, Biochemistry and Genetics. Human Design helps you to gain insight into your nature and the way in which you are connected and interact with everything and everyone around you. On the one hand by giving you insight into your genetic design before birth (the first 6 months after conception) and on the other hand your birth calculation, the formation of your personality in the period from 6 months of pregnancy to birth.


Book a Human Design Coaching Session

Do you feel somewhat stuck in your work and/or private life and do you want to find the keys to navigating life better? In order for you to live life with joy and deeper meaning. Then book a free discovery call below if you’re interested in a Human Design Coaching session with me. We will then discuss your request for help.

Frequently asked questions

Do you do Human Design readings?

In my work as a coach I use Human Design as a supporting tool in my coaching. This means that I do human design readings always in the context of a request for help. You can make Humand Design work for you if you actively work with it and I’m here to help you give deeper meaning to it and support you in gaining insights you can implement in your daily life. Human Design is a system that contributes to self-insight about your unique way of doing things so that you can optimally use your individuality and talents in the unique way in which this is intended for you.


Do you work with Human Design also in your online coaching?

Yes. In my coaching practice I have been working with clients who work from home and abroad for years. I coach clients remotely online and I also apply Human Design and the Gene Keys when I feel that it contributes to deepening ones self-awareness.


Can I book just one Human Design Coaching session?

Before I start working with someone as a coach, I always start with a brief discovery call to find out where you’re at and what you’re struggling with. This way we can both discover whether the energy feels right, this is an important starting point. During this call I will share with you what I can do for you and in what form. This could be one session, but also a trajectory of a few sessions.

Is your coaching always based on Human Design?

I have been working as a coach for about 25 years now, long before I was working with Human Design and the Gene Keys. Since I have become acquainted with both Human Design as well as the Gene Keys myself in the last couple of years, I often use it as a supporting tool in my coaching. I always take my own observations as a basis and very intuitively I decide and feel what elements of the Human Design profile and the Gene Keys I use during the session. Human Design and the Gene Keys have proven to be valuable to me in my coaching, but never just the starting point and goal in itself because then you can’t get the most out of it. In some cases, when someone doesn’t know their specific time (and date) of birth, there are of course other ways to help people with their request for help.


What exactly are the Gene Keys?

One of the parts of your Human Design chart is your Incarnation Cross, this is just a part of your entire Gene Keys profile. This is represented in 4 numbers that together form a unique combination and represent what you are here for, what you have to learn, what keeps you healthy and what fulfills you deeply. This is only part of your Gene Keys profile. Your entire profile contains many different elements that can help you to expand and transform your inner wisdom through deepening and embodying your insights. This is not a quick fix, but a process that takes many years. The richness of the Gene Keys is so great that you’ll never have to stop learning about yourself and about life.

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