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Ready for a breakthrough?

You are a Senior Manager or Executive and you have a lot on your plate, you are constantly on the go. It starts – or is already – bothering you that you structurally don’t get enough time for yourself. You are surrounded by a lot of people and there is quite some pressure getting things done. Many people need you, your leadership, your input and guidance, but what is it that you really need?


How great would it be to get away from the daily commotion now and then? To be able to reflect and spar on what truly matters to you, about your role as a human being and leader for your team and/or organization and about the challenges you’re facing. And, especially about wat is key to you. It might lead you to different choices. I am here to hold up a mirror and help you reach to deeper layers within yourself so that you can bring even more of your authenticity into the different roles you fulfill.
Life coach, Business coach, Auteur, Sparring partner, Spreker
She has a sixth sense of being able to read people


“I had reached a cross roads in my professional life where I knew I wanted a change but was uncertain of what I wanted to do next. So I seeked out coaching support and thankfully, I came across Evelien.
Evelien’s approach is holistic and I appreciated the time she took to understand me as a person as well as my needs. She helped me to rediscover my true self to determine my inner compass and define my unique added value. She challenged and supported me every step of the way, but also helped me to confront my fears and anxieties and tackle them head on. Evelien creates an atmosphere of trust and openness with some humour thrown in which puts you immediately at ease when speaking with her. This coupled with her sixth sense of being able to read people easily has allowed our sessions to be very productive in a sparring-type environment. I very much enjoyed her engagement, her passion and her ability to help you see things from a different perspective. Thank you Evelien for everything! Your support was instrumental in determining my next career step and increasing my self-awareness and confidence.”


– Nadine Verbeek
For in-depth empathic conversations and work-related matters


“Despite the fact that I had no significant complaints at the time, I decided to start coaching sessions out of curiosity but also believing everything can always be better. After a number of options, I decided to start this process with Evelien. I soon noticed that Evelien has the ability to be both a sparring partner for in-depth, empathetic conversations as well as talk to her about more work/business related matters. This proved to me immediately that I could discuss everything with Evelien. She has the ability to get to your core very quickly. When I started these sessions at the time I wasn’t sure if it would be something for me. A little over a year later I now know that I would never want to stop with having these sessions. Evelien has given me a better understanding of both myself and the world around me and I would wish this for everyone.”


– Bram Gleichman, Co-founder & COO One Hundred Restrooms

What is essential to you?


You need an engaging, but also critical and sensitive sparring partner. Someone who doesn’t shy away to name things as they are and to make the invisible visible to you. As a coach, mentor and sparring partner I help you get to the core of your ‘being’ and define what is essential to you. I help you create clarity on your purpose and transform this into your daily life and business. I offer you a safe environment to share what you not always can and from thereon get to the core. In such a way that you create a breakthrough and take concrete steps based on who you are. The result is more space, a clear direction and more inner peace.

Let’s meet personally


I work with leaders both individually as well as with their (management) teams. This could be at an offsite or 1-on-1 at my practice or a place of your choice, as long as you are out of your immediate work environment.

Please contact me at or call on +31 6 14 94 83 52.
She asks the right questions
“In a very pleasant way, Evelien helped our team of partners to establish a strong connection between our individual dreams and desires and the purpose of our organization. Evelien manages to get everyone to be relentlessly honest. She does this by asking the right questions and digging deeper and, above all by giving you the time and space to formulate the right answer for yourself. Working with Evelien feels like a valuable time to take a pause and reflect, so that you can honestly look at where you are now. Am I still doing what I intended to do?"
– Tamira Nicolai - van Vught, Founder TWST
Rapid results and a very positive feeling
“The obviousness, openness, integrity and sharp analysis make conversations with Evelien a very inspiring experience. The conversation’s directness and the right questions quickly brought me insight and, above all, confidence in the solutions that were relevant to me. I was surprised by the effect of a few conversations with Evelien, the rapid results and the very positive feeling. It feels as if she lifted me up and brought me to the right place from where I could move forward trusting my intuition, being more gentle and without judgment. An absolutely unique and unforgettable experience meeting such a special person as Evelien.”
– Theo van Esch
The van Esch over business coaching Evelien van Es
Deep As Well As Practical: A Great Combination


“I was at a ‘tipping point’ of my career; I wanted to start my own business and was looking for support in shaping my future. As a life business coach Evelien really helped me in getting a very clear view on my strengths and passion. The sessions went quite deep in terms of understanding where some of my behavior is routed, but were also quite practical. For me a great combination! I did get to know myself much better and Evelien demonstrated and taught me (the theme of her book) how to be relentlessly myself. And now I genuinely start seeing it pay off as well in my personal live as in my business. With her warm hearted personality, it’s easy to open up to her. However she’s not afraid to keep ‘poaching’ if needed. I now feel more confident in the things I do as well as the things I don’t do anymore.”


– Alexandra Huizer

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