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Taking the leap

I know the feeling of being ‘trapped’ in a good but not a fulfilled life. You can look at it as the suffocating effect of the golden cage. I used to work hard, was lead by willpower and struggled with decisiveness. On the outside it seemed picture perfect, but inside I felt a latent gnawing sense of restlessness and lack of depth and satisfaction. My wake-up call came in the shape of two impactful events, and one day – despite being a single Mom with two young girls – I decided to take a leap of faith.


Understanding myself and life

My drive for immersion and purpose in life, including my work, is enormous. Time and again I choose the path inward to understand more about life, about myself and what I am actually here for. This is how I started remembering my purpose. True wealth for me lies in my inner world and the potential therein and my awareness of it. The journey to get here was and is absolutely not a smooth paved path, but it has brought me to the core of my being. I have been able to transform my journey with struggles and pain into precious gems, which symbolize valuable insights. A life path totally in line being a Generator with a 6/2 profile in Human Design. Taking on life and going through multiple transformations myself, helps me quickly recognize and deeply sense with what I see with my clients. This is extremely valuable in my work as a business & life coach and speaker.

Impact on the lives of others


For me, a happy life is a life in which I feel the space to walk my journey, where I take on life with an open heart, and let my feelings guide the decisions I make. It is a life in which I’m able to live and work with passion and purpose. A life in which love flows for what I do, who I am and for the people around me. In my work I need space to do this my way and in my time – I am, after all, a 6/2 in Human Design – and entrepreneurship offers me the opportunity to do so. For me this is the foundation to create and inspire from my power of being, to pass on my inner wisdom and by doing so have an impact on my client’s lives.


It’s very rewarding to be able to help others make visible what is (still) invisible to them. To guide my clients to increase their self-awareness and to make them feel who they are at their core essence. In such a way they can spread their wings, stay true to themselves and – in the concrete steps they take – experience happiness and fulfillment and know how to find and keep their balance. The satisfaction this brings me is the driving force for me to go deeper and deeper into understanding myself and life, so that I can pass this on towards others. That’s my circle of life.


I see you

My strength is not only that I am a seasoned entrepreneur, highly experienced in business, but more than anything, that I have undergone several transformations myself. In addition to my strategic insight, I quickly see through the illusions of others. I am sensitive and clairknowing, able to see you for who you really are. A golden combination in my coaching leading to tangible results.


The people around me, that’s what my heart goes out to. Hundreds of people, professionals and business owners, individually and in teams who feel stuck in their life(s), careers and/or businesses. I inspire and guide them to create clarity from within and become more self-aware. In such a way that they own their power of being and see and acknowledge their unique added value in life and business.



Over 25 years I have been working as a coach, advisor and manager. I have been a business owner since 2006. I have a background in Change Management and Management Development. studied Business Communications and I hold a master’s degree in Culture, Organization & Management. In 2015 I started my own full-time coaching business, developed an effective and in-depth coaching method Signature 4 Success® and became a mentor to other coaches. Besides my business, I love doing sports, being outdoors (sun, sea and mountains), and I also work as a volunteer in a hospice. This combo makes me really happy and completes my feeling of fulfillment.



In line with being a 6/2 (Role Model and Hermit) in Human Design and my Gene Keys profile, I have always loved musing, gaining deeper insight in life and spending time writing. The immersion in my process of remembering who I am at the core of my being has led me to speaking and writing books as well. It’s a wonderful way in addition to my coaching to spread my wisdom with others.
In 2021 I published my first book Be Relentless Yourself in two languages and in the beginning of 2022 my second book Power of Purpose-driven Teams and Organizations. And, this won’t be the last one ;)
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Human Design reflects your potential


Years ago I was first introduced to Human Design and thereafter the Gene Keys. It is a wonderful way to help people discover their potential and let their life and work be an expression of who they are. Where possible I use Human Design and the Gene Keys for support in the context of a request for help. By doing so I make it fit in with my clients process of becoming more self-aware and it gains optimum value through deepening and practicality. The more I’ve been working with it, the more enthusiastic I have become. I work with Human Design and the Gene Keys every single day, both in interaction with customers, as well as in understanding myself better at a deeper level, and in applying it in interaction with my environment. It has helped me to navigate in live even better. This awareness is a true enrichment in my practice as a life & business coach and for me personally.

Frequently asked questions

What type of coaching is your specialty?

I have a specialty in life coaching and business coaching. Sometimes there is more emphasis on life themes (relationships, self-confidence, resilience, etc.) and in other cases the coaching questions is a bit more business related. In most cases, the coaching touches on themes that also play a role in private life. In the end all is one. In addition to life & business coaching, I am a sparring partner for executives and senior managers and I do career coaching. In recent years I’ve also been a mentor to a number of coaches and I have further specialized in mid-life coaching for men around the age of 40. My total experience in coaching is approximately 25 years.


What characterizes you as a coach?

What clients say about me is that I quickly get to the heart of the matter and sense what is going on. In addition to being highly sensitive to what I see, I am also strategically strong and this combination is a great advantage to not only help customers growing their self-awareness, but to be able to apply it in their lives as well. In addition, I am verbally strong, which helps my clients to give words and interpretation to what they feel. Find out more about what customers say about me here.


What is the Signature 4 Success method?

Over the years I have developed my own method called Signature4Success®, with a specialism for business coaching and career coaching. This method includes clarifying your inner compass, unique added value, purpose and your business signature in case you’re a business owner. To subsequently translate into concrete steps in recalibrating or setting up your offerings as a business owner, or your reorientation towards a new job and/or working environment. In my approach, above all I flawlessly sense what is needed when and I will adapt to it. By doing so serving my customers best at what they need.

Do you have any experience in the corporate world?

I started my career in business. After 18 years, of which 9 years as an Interim Manager, I decided to fully focus on my own coaching business. I’ve worked for several international and national organizations, both profit as well as semi-profit. I have always managed teams and individuals, in the role of manager, consultant, project leader and coach.


Do you do Executive / CEO Coaching?

Yes. Already in my corporate career I have navigated at board level, working closely with CEOs and Senior Managers. As a result, I can empathize with the challenges CEOs, Executives and Senior Managers deal with. In my work as a seasoned coach, this is an advantage since it allows me to create a save and trusted foundation and at the same time I am used to push back when needed and I do not shy away from confrontation.


Do you do Human Design readings?

I use Human Design and Gene Keys as a supporting tool and in the context of coaching. By doing so it gets optimal value. This means that I am currently discussing and exploring your Human Design and Gene Keys in the context of a coaching question, for example about choices you want to make, or clarity you desire on taking next steps with something that is key for you. This could be in your private life regarding a relationship or business wise in the context of a collaboration or a business decision to be made. As a result, it is often a valuable addition to coaching to help you increase your self-awareness and to better understand and feel the dynamics in relationships and collaborations. This is how Human Design will really work for you.

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