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Taking the leap

I know better than anyone the feeling of being “trapped” in a good, but not a great life. The suffocating effect of the golden cage. I used to work very hard and function on willpower. On the outside it was picture-perfect, but inside I was restless and felt little satisfaction. My wake-up call came in the shape of two impactful events and one day I decided to take a leap of faith. To do things differently, by making my soul mission my life’s work and from there, run my companies.


Tangible results

Today I work with business owners, professionals and senior managers in their mid-life (around 40 yrs.) who want to bring about change from the heart. They want to take concrete steps and focus on results. Be successful and grow with their company. I guide them in giving substance to this in an authentic way. Success only feels good when there is true fulfilment from within. I will unravel and simplify what seems complex and complicated to you and translate it into concrete steps to move forward. Decide to turn the tide. To create the company and life you really want. Not tomorrow or next week but starting today.

On your terms

For me, a happy life is a life in which I walk my own path. Where my work is an extension of myself, an enrichment. In which I LIVE and enjoy nature, my beautiful daughters, my loving friends and the team around me.


Having an impact on my client’s lives is what brings me ultimate satisfaction. How they spread their wings and live the life they were meant to live and experience happiness and success by discovering their purpose. How they work and live on their terms and remain true to themselves.


Many people look back on their lives with an overarching feeling of regret “If only …”. Mostly regret that they did not follow their hearts more. People who lived a life dominated by fear. That is not what I wanted!

Sensitive, astute and strategic

My strength is not only that I am a seasoned entrepreneur, highly experienced in business, but more than anything, that I have undergone the transformation myself. The common thread in my life is the people I work with. That is what my heart goes out to. With the hundreds of people, I have coached over the years, enabling them to increase their sensitivity, sharpen their focus and make strategic choices.


Clients describe me as razor-sharp in my analysis, lovingly confrontational, crystal clear in my communication and a true connector. I am grateful for the many years in which I have grown and learnt with individuals and teams in the corporate world. For the at times painful life lessons that have made me who I am today. I am not afraid to unravel complex issues and translate them into concrete steps. I am here to help you reach outstanding results. I work exclusively 1-on-1, and as group inspirer and speaker.



I have been working as coach, mentor and advisor / sparring partner for almost 25 years. Since 2006 I am an entrepreneur and have worked as an (interim) manager for various multinationals and companies, both commercial and (semi) non-profit. My background is in Communication Management and I hold a master’s degree in Culture, Organization & Management. You can find more information on my LinkedIn profile.



I continuously invest in my own development through coaching, masterminds and with my own team. I regularly write blogs and previously wrote columns for several Dutch entrepreneur networks. Inspiration I also get by prolific in- depth reading on personal development. After all, we continue to learn throughout our lifetime, and I can then share this acquired knowledge with my clients to serve them even better.

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Signature 4 Success®


In addition to my role as a sparring partner and coach, I am the founder and owner of Signature 4 Success®. Here I work with a team of career and business coaches, guiding our clients who feel stuck in their work. Our creed is to create clarity from within. To bring focus and make strategic choices from who you really are. To achieve this, the coaches work with the Signature 4 Success® method I developed, consisting of a proven 8-step plan.


Would you like to know more? Send an email to evelien@signature4success.com
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