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Life coach, business coach, sparring partner

Taking the leap

I know the feeling of being ‘trapped’ in a good but not a great life. The suffocating effect of the golden cage. I used to work very hard and function on decisiveness and willpower. On the outside it was picture-perfect, but inside I was restless and felt little satisfaction. My wake-up call came in the shape of two impactful events and one day as a single Mom I decided to take a leap of faith.


Understanding myself and life

My drive for immersion and purpose in my work, and life in general, was (and still is) enormous. I wanted to go my way, better understand life, myself and what I’m here for. Gradually I remembered my purpose. The road traveling wasn’t always evenly paved. Yet I needed these experiences to go to the core of my being. I can see my lessons learned as precious gems. Taking on life and going through multiple transformations myself, helps me quickly recognize what I see with my clients. That is a valuable context for my work as a coach and sparring partner.

Impact on the lives of others


For me, a happy life is a life in which I walk my own path, where I take on life, follow my heart and not be led by fear. It is a life in which I’m able to work and live from passion and purpose. In which love flows for what I do, who I am and for the people around me. In my work I need the space to do this my way and in my time, entrepreneurship offers me the opportunity to do so. This is the foundation to create and inspire from my power of being and have an impact on my client’s lives.


It’s very rewarding to be able to help others make visible what is (still) invisible to them. How they can spread their wings, stay true to themselves and – in the concrete steps they take – experience happiness and fulfillment. The satisfaction this brings me is the driving force for me to go deeper and deeper into understanding myself and life, so that I can use that again in my work. That’s my circle of life.

Sensitive and strategic

My strength is not only that I am a seasoned entrepreneur, highly experienced in business, but more than anything, that I have undergone several transformations myself. In addition to my strategic insight, I quickly see through the illusions of others. I am sensitive and clairknowing, a golden combination leading to tangible results.


The people around me, that’s what my heart goes out to. Hundreds of people, professionals and business owners, individually and in teams who feel stuck in business and/or their private life(s). I inspire and guide them to create clarity from within and become more self-aware. In such a way that they own their power of being and see and acknowledge their unique added value in life and business.



I have been working as a coach, mentor and advisor / sparring partner for 25 years. Since 2006 I have been a business owner. I have a background in Change Management and Management Development. I studied Business Communications and I hold a master’s degree in Culture, Organization & Management. You can find more information here on my LinkedIn profile.



In 2015 I started my own coaching business. I developed an effective and deepening coaching method called Signature 4 Success® and became a mentor to other career and business coaches. In 2021 I published my first book Be Relentless Yourself in two languages and in the beginning of 2022 my second book Power of Purpose-driven Teams and Organizations as well.
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