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Evelien as Life Coach and Business Coach

“As a trainer and coach, I very much enjoy having Evelien as my business coach. I am happy for her to coach me on all topics concerning my business. I find her calm energy and ability to create an open and save space, combined with her involvement, humor and passion, a real must-do for all independent entrepreneurs.


During the transition from one company to another, Evelien managed to get the pain points clearly on the table. She then managed to transform them, in a fantastic way into a different and certainly better result for the future. After rounding off one company, we then looked together at a wonderful start-up of my new company. After only half a day, we had the framework of my services rock solid, based on the core of who I am as entrepreneur. The next day I was ready to make an offer to a few customers using the new format, two of which signed up immediately. A great result.


When you are with Evelien, you are number one. She is hospitable, customer oriented and involved. Evelien does not shy away from resistance or considerably difficult situations. She remains calm, maintains an overview and has a committed and professional approach. During a VIP day you can investigate many areas with her, and she ensures that the direction, focus and time are monitored so that you can actually get started.”


– Astrid Kies, Kies, voor jezelf
Evelien is able to deeply feel like no other can


“In my search for the right coach who could guide me to dive into what I feel and how to be able to connect deeper with my true self; I ended up with Evelien. A life coach who can sense like no other with a lot of experience. She tickled both my heart and mind. Helped me break through patterns. Evelien gave me many new insights and helped me get to the core of myself. She also challenged me. All this is done in a casual setting and always surrounded by the unique, magic energy that Evelien brings along and radiates has been very pleasant. I can say that I now live a complete different life. This was the best gift I ever gave myself.”


– Chris van Luxemburg
She has a great sensor for the situation and acts accordingly


“Evelien is a coach who can fully empathize with her client’s problems. She knows better than anyone where my pain points lie and knows how to inspire and motivate me so that I really wake up. Thanks to her I feel great and suddenly approach life differently. Feels great. I think she is a very special person, the way she handles her customers in a safe, trusted and flexible manner is amazing. Evelien has a great feel for the situation and acts accordingly. I am very grateful to her.”


– Sjaak Muller
Sjaak Muller over Evelien van Es
Next level!


“Human Design is a wonderful way to gain a solid insight into who you are and clarifies what a good direction is for your life path. In addition, it provides flawless insights into your ‘feeders and bleeders’. Evelien is a very gifted (business) coach by nature, but now that she has mastered herself in human design, she really reaches the next level for me. I wholeheartedly recommend embarking on a trajectory with her, supported by her Human Design knowledge and wisdom. Don’t hesitate: do it!.”


– Wendy Eelsing
Taking big steps in a short time


“Committed, lovingly to-the-point, stimulating with a focus on results, that is what Evelien is to me in her coaching. Working with her brought me space and peace in my head and heart. And more self-confidence. With as direct result that I am happier with myself and with my life. Evelien has given me the tools to listen to myself, recognize and break patterns and how to give myself a kick up the behind. My ambition and goals as an entrepreneur are a lot more concrete again.


What touches me most about working with Evelien is her personality and way of working. A special person with a passion for her profession and a lot of confidence in her client. She knows how to quickly create a bond of trust, indispensable for a successful coaching process. Evelien has given me insight into various matters; helped me look inside myself, let me search and find and reassured me more than once, pointing out my own strength, guts and perseverance. The choice of assignments was very inspiring. It was quite hard work, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the result every time. I have been able to take big steps in a short period of time, both in business and in private. Evelien knows how to find the inner fire (no matter how small) and ensures that it burns bright again.”


– Yvonne Dings, Future Proof Assistants
For in-depth empathic conversations but also work-related matters


“Despite the fact that I had no significant (psychological) complaints at the time, I decided to start coaching sessions out of curiosity but also believing everything can always be better. After a number of options, I decided to start this process with Evelien. I soon noticed that Evelien has the ability to be both a sparring partner for in-depth, empathetic conversations as well as talk to her about more work/business related matters. This proved to me immediately that I could discuss everything with Evelien. She has the ability to get to your core very quickly. When I started these sessions at the time I wasn’t sure if it would be something for me. A little over a year later I now know that I would never want to stop with having these sessions. Evelien has given me a better understanding of both myself and the world around me and I would wish this for everyone.”


– Bram Gleichman, Co-founder & COO One Hundred Restrooms
She doesn’t need much to see right through you


“I wanted to grow, both personally and professionally. I was looking for a solid foundation and struggled to manifest myself. I was also looking for a good sparring partner. With Evelien’s help, I clarified exactly what I want and how I will implement it. I made concrete choices and developed new plans under her guidance.
Evelien has a warm personality. She doesn’t need much to see right through you, so you quickly get to the core. She holds up a mirror and is not afraid to confront you with it. Evelien works with a clear plan, the Signature 4 Success® method. That provides a good foundation. At the same time, she is flexible in how she applies it and, together with you, assesses the needs per session. If you are looking for a coach who can confront you, enthuse you and give you clarity, then you have a wonderful and warm-hearted one in Evelien.”


– Helga van Geldrop, Puur Yoga


Proactive, finely critical and persevering


“Working with Evelien will take you far, it immediately felt good. I was looking for a clear direction for my company and also wanted more balance and peace. I now have developed my business signature and have found more balance and peace. I have achieved everything I wanted, plus a new concept that I am very excited about.


It is all much clearer to me now. Evelien is a very pleasant coach, proactive, finely critical and persevering. Just what I need. What I believe makes Evelien unique, is that she really feels what you need and whether something “needs” to be refined further because it does not feel right yet. She gives her opinion and has good ideas, in a modest and unobtrusive way. So nice.”


– Annegreet de Graaf – Octopus Bureau for Giftedness
Warm, involved and razor-sharp in analysis


“Evelien guided me closer to my feelings. I have learned to be gentle with myself and make heartfelt choices, both business wise as well as privately. Evelien helped me gain insight into my behavior, taught me to recognize and break through patterns. The coaching sessions with Evelien were extremely valuable and enjoyable. It felt right from the first moment. She is fully present, creates a space of ease and calmness. Besides being warm, loving and involved, she is also very powerful. She has a passion for people and her profession, which you’ll instantly notice. She has a strong sense for others, is razor-sharp in her analysis, therefore quickly gets to the core of the matter. She holds up a mirror and isn’t afraid to confront, in her own gentle way. I highly recommend Evelien as a life business coach. Her sincere attention, warmth and enthusiasm will help you take next steps.”


– Joep de Cock
“I found the peer supervision with Evelien both valuable and insightful. The sphere is warm and informal. This makes for wonderful brainstorming sessions and conversations, which provide a deeper insight, so that I now see new ideas and solutions. It is inspiring and seen the amount of experience around the table, the useful tips and tricks will be buzzing around your ears. Evelien’s guidance is full of expertise, to-the-point, in-depth and very insightful. Every entrepreneur should do this!”
– Ingrid Smit, Je team voor elkaar
“Evelien helps me to build a solid foundation for my business based on authenticity. In a safe environment we started peeling off and every single time she knows how to ask the right questions to help me to get to the (my) core. She is sensitive to what is really going on underneath and will not shy away from naming it, always with mildness and an open heart. To then encourage me with practical tools to set my business in motion from a relentless self. I would recommend Evelien to anyone who wants to grow further as a person and entrepreneur from his/her heart.”
– Imke Sanders
“Evelien quickly gets to the heart of the matter, and she feels exactly what is going on deeper down. The insights she has provided in a short period of time are real eye-openers for me. I already notice such a difference in my thinking and acting. And all this from being who I truly am!


Very valuable for entrepreneurs who want to take the next step! I can heartily recommend Evelien as a (business)coach!”
– Roel Weverling, LeaseChoice

Evelien as trainer


“During the 2-day training ‘Your Signature for Success’, I gained a crystal-clear insight into myself, into what I wanted. I gained insight and chose my company signature. Evelien really is a top coach; warm, loving and straight. She creates space to see what is going on. She is clear, has a good approach, is personally approachable, with a heart for us and for the business. Thank you very much Evelien.”
– Liesbeth Wassenberg, Young Professionals Coach
“They were 2 magical days of training. I gained a lot of clarity. I now know what distinguishes me and which client I feel the most passion for. Also, how I can make use of my knowledge. Evelien is a wonderful woman who inspires, motivates and follows a clear structure. She does this with skill and passion. I highly recommend Evelien’s training. It drives you to really do what you want. All resistance is overcome.”
– Betty van Dongen, Nurse coach
“I gained a lot of clarity over the 2-day training. Evelien is very focussed and to the point. This gives me a lot of energy. She is very focused and clear in her communication. She surprises me every time by bringing to the surface my deeper issues. Thank you, Evelien, for bringing me so much clarity. For all your inspiring passion. You are a role model.”
– Wies van Beek, Breath Company
“I followed a one-day workshop with Evelien. It was very valuable, structured, working towards apotheosis. Questioning and bringing up answers. I highly recommend this one-day training because you work on yourself in a respectful and safe way. Evelien accepts everyone as they are. She listens carefully, provides feedback, summarizes and offers insight. She is very good at it.”
– Monique de Vos
“A very valuable workshop for more self-awareness. Evelien has an open and friendly personality that puts you very much at ease.”
– Sigrid Eggink
“The workshop is down to earth, very inspiring, in a lovely setting, and in total candour.”
– Marcel Lahaije
“A very worthwhile workshop in a confidential setting that has provided me with great insights. Many points touched on in a short period of time. A good start to work on your inner compass. What I like about Evelien is her calm and thorough approach.”
– Anouk van den Berg
“Evelien takes you to the next level in a warm and encouraging way. I find Evelien’s guidance of the workshop very professional. She is wholehearted, pays attention to everyone and everything is very well cared for.”
“The workshop was very valuable during my search, to reflect and find answers. Evelien is a very warm person who certainly knows what she is talking about. She combines her own experience with wonderful exercises / questions that make you think differently about yourself.”
– Ingrid Wennekes
“The workshop is very worthwhile and educational. Very open and constructive in a lovely setting. You really learn to think and get to the core of yourself. It’s wonderful that Evelien speaks from her own experience.”
– Claudie Kessels
A passionate and skilled top coach


“Evelien is a passionate and skilled top coach and manages to stimulate the entrepreneurial drive in a pleasant way. I personally experienced this when I took part in her one-day workshop. I very much enjoy being coached by Evelien, it is her genuine interest and her friendly style. If you want to be even more passionate and mission-driven in business, then Evelien is the right coach for you.”


– Tom Serroels, Excellencio and Highway2Freelance

Evelien as speaker


“I wish every entrepreneur or professional could have Evelien as a coach! Evelien gave an entrepreneur session during our networking meeting. It was a top-notch session. Her own experiences and inspiring insights, combined with the way she stimulates self-reflection among the participants, ensures you get drawn into her story. Our visitors, including myself, hung on her every word. I heartily recommend Evelien’s lectures, workshops and coaching programs.”
Martin Planken, creative director / internet entrepreneur Topshelf Media
“Evelien is an enthusiastic coach who gave an inspiring presentation that encourages reflection and self-confrontation on what you actually want. The prevailing question is: Is this it? It forces you to make choices and to be aware of them, and to accept that sometimes you just have to let things go. I advise those who struggle with making choices and / or want to change course, to attend one of Evelien’s workshops. You gain new insights.”
– Marco van den Doel, De Communicatiefabriek
“I have rarely seen anyone tell a story in such a fascinating way as Evelien. Her enthusiasm brightens up the whole room keeping the listeners avidly interested. Keep it up!”
– Jasper Wammes, Quicksolid B.V.
“An inspiring presentation that invites you to get the most out of yourself, as Evelien says: “from a place of effortlessness.”
– Willemien Fokkens
“The contribution that Evelien made to our business club meeting was remarkable. She knew how to touch our members emotionally, in such a way that personal matters were openly shared, and that interconnectedness was created on a certain level. In short, an inspiring morning that brought up a lot, we all thought it had been very special.”
– Jan van der Roest, Chairman BCDW
“Evelien delivered an inspiring and interactive talk at the network club Ladies Business Apeldoorn under the title: “Authenticity as key to success”. Those present were inspired to think about and feel their pain points and what exactly they wanted. Using exciting assignments, she connected to the participants and got the whole room involved.”
– Lieke Kalhorn, Kalhorn coaching and training and Board member Ladies Business Club Apeldoorn
Wies van Beek over Evelien van Es coach voor ondernemers en executives
She is focused, highly knowledgeable and works from the heart


“I am very happy with Evelien as business coach. She is focused, highly knowledgeable and works from the heart. This brought me deeper self-insight and I now manage to stay closer to my true self. I also gained more confidence that I don’t have to work so hard but that many things will be drawn to me. I am grateful for Evelien, for her ability to truly see me. So fully present. Evelien has taught me that you can become successful by living and working from your heart. And that is exactly what I want!”


– Wies van Beek. Breath Company

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