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Running a successful business is more than making profit and focusing on achieving goals. But what does success mean for you? Is this about having the means to do what you deeply desire, or is it about freedom, and if so, what is freedom for you? Or is success being creative as a business owner and able to walk your own path, experiencing meaning and having fun with what you’re doing? Success only becomes meaningful when you make it specific. As a business coach I regularly speak with business owners who work hard, but still struggle with the feeling something essential is missing. This is often accompanied by inner turmoil. Even though you are goal-oriented and your business may do reasonably well or good, you know that something is missing. You lack a clear purpose that drives you and your business.

Personal leadership requires self-awareness zelfbewustzijn

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As an experienced business coach, I look beyond what you have probably done yourself so far. Your business is an extension of you as a human being and business owner. You are constantly changing and developing, and with is your company on the move. In my business coaching I look into the foundation of your business. Do you have a clear vision? And, what is it based on? Do you know what your purpose is, what it is that drives you deep down? This goes far beyond a good strategic plan and business goals. This is about meaningful growth and development in alignment with your business. This is why business and life go hand in hand.


A firm foundation and a clear vision

A good business requires a clear vision and personal leadership. Personal leadership requires self-awareness. In my business coaching I am your sparring partner to look further and deeper into how you can develop as a person and evolve with your business. For some, the emphasis is more on personal development and for others more on the alignment and development of your business. In my business coaching I guide you to look at yourself at the core of your being and your business, from an integrated approach. As a business coach, it is my job to help you to grow your business from a solid or reinforced foundation, or to develop it in a different direction. The main point is that it’s done in a way and with an approach that is fully aligned with you and that you enjoy what you do.
Rapid results and a very positive feeling
“The obviousness, openness, integrity and sharp analysis make conversations with Evelien a very inspiring experience. The conversation’s directness and the right questions quickly brought me insight and, above all, confidence in the solutions that were relevant to me. I was surprised by the effect of a few conversations with Evelien, the rapid results and the very positive feeling. An absolutely unique and unforgettable experience meeting such a special person as Evelien.”
– Theo van Esch
The van Esch over business coaching Evelien van Es
Evelien exposes, very intuitively, the layer beneath your consciousness
“I needed someone to get me moving again with more clarity and focus on my goals and wishes. And that is what Evelien did. She is a very experienced, expert and committed coach who always mirrors you lovingly and has the ability to keep asking probing questions on your underlying motives. She exposes, in a very intuitive way, the layer beneath your consciousness and helps you look at it with compassion and learn how to go about it differently.”
– Sabine Vekemans, Coach
Evelien is focused, knowledgeable and works from her heart
“I am very happy with Evelien as business coach. She is focused, knowledgeable and works from the heart. This brought me more self-insight and I now manage to stay closer to my true self. I also gained more confidence that I don't have to work so hard but that a lot comes to me. I am grateful to Evelien for truly seeing me. So much attention. Evelien has taught me that you can become successful by living and working from your heart. And that is exactly what I want!”
– Wies van Beek. Breath Company
Wies van Beek over Evelien van Es coach voor ondernemers en executives
An astute coach who can provide clarity very quickly
“I have been a freelance copywriter for over 3 years, and it is going well. Yet I felt that something was missing; I felt no real satisfaction. I was unable to further develop my business strategy and gain clarity. I wanted to really go for something that I wanted with all my heart again. Evelien's coaching has brought me more insight into my own strength and core values. It has enabled me to understand how to use my own strength, knowledge and passion on a broader spectrum. But also, that I may stay close to my authentic self. That I can be my pure self and use it as a strength. I have experienced Evelien as an astute coach who provides clarity very rapidly and immediately sees where I get stuck and what my obstacles are. She has a pleasant and calm personality and is good at holding up the mirror. She helps you establish a clear foundation for your company.”
– Liz Huisman
Liz Huisman
She doesn't need much to see right through you
“I wanted to grow, both personally and professionally. I was looking for a solid foundation and struggled to manifest myself. I was also looking for a good sparring partner. With Evelien’s help, I clarified exactly what I want and how I will implement it. I made concrete choices and developed new plans under her guidance. Evelien has a warm personality. She doesn't need much to see right through you, so you quickly get to the core. She holds up a mirror and is not afraid to confront you with it. Evelien works with a clear plan, the Signature 4 Success® method. That provides a good foundation. At the same time, she is flexible in how she applies it and, together with you, assesses the needs per session. If you are looking for a coach who can confront you, enthuse you and give you clarity, then you have a wonderful and warm-hearted one in Evelien.”
– Helga van Geldrop, Puur Yoga
She is a warm, intuitive woman who knows where the shoe pinches
“Evelien instinctively knows what you need and lovingly tells you like it is. A supportive, compassionate coach who genuinely wants to get the best out of her client. Partly thanks to her coaching, I am now able to overcome several persistent limiting beliefs. She had confidence in me, which allowed me to restore confidence in myself. She saw my value; hence I could see the value in myself again. She pointed out the self-fulfilling prophecy I had locked myself in, so I could let it go. Evelien also taught me to sell from a position of genuine interest in the other person and to recognize the value I had to offer. Her warm-heartedness puts you immediately at ease. She thinks along and puts time and effort into carrying out the coaching process in a way that suits you. I heartily recommend her.”
– Bracha Koster

Having impact

A sustainable and successful business requires inspiring leadership. An inspiring leader is a leader who sees that the art is not so much to focus on getting many followers, but rather to create more leaders. These can be customers, but also the people in your team. This is how you can really make an impact with what you do, to create leverage and contribute to your sense of fulfillment. As a business coach, I am your sparring partner to help you grow and make choices that are heartfelt. I am there as a coach to walk your journey and stay aligned from within. I’ll make sure that you stay focused on evolving your business, while developing yourself and running your daily business. You usually do not achieve this at the speed and with the impact with which you can do this with an experienced business coach.
Evelien van Es - spreker ondernemerschap en management

What can you expect of me?

Being a business owner for quite a few years – since 2006 – but also through my rich experience in business working with teams, groups and individuals, as a(n)(interim) manager, consultant, sparring partner and (business) coach, I’m able to put myself in your situation in no time . By nature I navigate effortlessly between strategy and intuition. On top of that I’m also pragmatic, able to see solutions and possibilities. In addition to that, my deeper knowing and high sensitivity are helpful to make visible what is still invisible to you.
Her coaching is very effective and impactful


“Evelien is a very nice, warm person with a keen eye for you both personal as well as business wise. She helped me a lot in defining my purpose and showing me how to really embody it, resulting in more focus and success business wise and more fulfillment in my private life. Evelien is a fantastic guide in this process. She does this with a lot of dedication, experience and passion. Before each session, she makes sure you reflect on what you’ve learned and makes you set your goals for your upcoming session. This was very helpful for me as an entrepreneur to ultimately go through a very effective and impactful process with her as my coach.”


– Rogier Croes, Entrepreneur
Business & Life coach; Business Coach; Life Coach; Human Design Coach

What distinguishes you as a business owner?

Effective business coaching is so much more than focusing on achieving business goals. It starts with a dream, vision, an idea and then a business signature and strategy. In my (business) coaching I help you to define or refine your business signature. This signature is the overall umbrella for everything you do, your products, services and all offerings to customers. It provides a valuable framework and structure that is in alignment with you and inspired by your unique added value as a person and as business owner.

Take a step back and observe

As a business coach I help you to take a step back, observe and by doing so keep an overview and get to the core of the matter. This should be one of the top priorities for any business owner. It is what makes you unique why customers are drawn to you instead of to others. As a (business) coach I help you to create clarity and to become even more aware of your unique way of being and doing so that know what you radiate to your environment. Being successful in business is becoming more self-aware, evolve accordingly, grow as a person and as a business owner and let this reinforce one and another. Would you like to read more about how clients experience me as a business coach and sparring partner?

As a business owner, purpose is the foundation of your leadership, and the starting point for all your thinking and acting.

First your request for help, then the form

The form in which I work as a business coach varies. Your request for help is leading. I always start with a discovery call, often online via a video call, to discuss your request for help. I quickly sense what is really going on and usually respond immediately to what it is I can do for you. This can be a process of several sessions, or a strategy day (or half a day) if you want to quickly want to achieve and implement concrete objectives. In some cases, a single coaching session will be a valuable catalyst for your. Many customers like to come back after a while for reassessment, sparring and bring more focus.


You don’t have to worry about the form of how I can be of service to you. It is my role as a business coach to offer the most effective and efficient form for you and your business. Are you curious, eager to find out if I can help you as a business coach? Sign up below to get for your free discovery call.


Brings insights you cannot ignore


“I turned to Evelien for help because I felt I was not effective in what I wanted to achieve. I worked extremely hard to make the relationships with my clients work. It didn’t feel natural. This affected my self-confidence and therefore my effectiveness at work and my job satisfaction. In her coaching Evelien showed me that it was up to me to change the situation. She helped me by guiding me to practical and crystal clear insights into myself. She is very involved, loving and feels dedicated and committed to help me breakthrough this situation. In addition, Evelien can be tough as a (business) coach. She dares to confront and does so with passion and warmth.
I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a close look in the mirror. She really sees you as a person, bringing insights you won’t be able to ignore. In addition, she is also great company to share and evaluate your concerns and challenges with, in the privacy of a 1-on-1 setting.”


– Paul Willems – WillemsWorks


She doesn’t need much to see right through you


““I wanted to develop and grow, both personally and professionally. I was looking for a solid foundation and was struggling to manifest myself. I was also looking for a valuable sparring partner. With Evelien’s help, I was able to clarify exactly what I want and how I will implement it. I made specific choices and developed new plans under her guidance.
Evelien has a warm personality. She doesn’t need much to see right through you. This means you quickly get to the core of the matter. She holds up a mirror and is not afraid to confront you with what she sees and senses. Evelien works with a clear plan, the Signature 4 Success® method. That provides a good foundation and framework. At the same time, she is flexible in how she applies it and, together with you, assesses your needs per session. If you are looking for a (business) coach who speaks the truth, who inspires and creates clarity, then Evelien is your business coach with a warm and wonderful heart.”


– Helga van Geldrop – Puur Yoga

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many business coaches, how do I make the right choice?

Two aspects are important to be albe to make the right choice for a business coach. Firstly, pay attention to whether you immediately feel that the business coach is fully present when connecting with you. Secondly, find a business coach that will help you grow and develop and who has the courage to confront you and invite you to take a leap and discover the boundaries of feeling comfortable. This is key for you in order to make breakthroughs.


How quickly can I start with the business coaching?

When struggling with something, you want to move quickly and start your process of change and/or transformation with your business. I always make sure there is some space in my schedule, fully in line what works best for me with my Gene Keys profile and as a 6/2 in Human Design profile. This means I’m usually able to have a discovery call within a week, and after that you’ll be able to start the coaching within a few weeks.

What characterizes you as a business coach?

The common thread in what clients say about me as a business coach is that I am crystal clear in communications, I am not afraid to confront in a loving way. I am able to flawlessly sense what is really going on. Often clients express this as having a sixth sense of knowing things. In my approach I focus on results, I am strategically strong, connective, think many steps ahead and am pragmatic in my way of working. Here find more info and stories of customers about me as a (business) coach.


Can I book a single coaching session?

Yes, you can. I do want to first briefly meet you online, preferably via Zoom, to hear and sense what it is that you’re struggling with and what your request for help is. This way I can let you know on the spot what the best way of help is that I can offer you. In order for me to guide you best in your growth as a person and business wise.

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