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Looking for a authentic speaker for a group of entrepreneurs and / or entrepreneurial professionals? An experienced international coach, mentor and sparring partner, whose passion and inspiration ensures a profound connection with the audience? Who goes to the core of what personal leadership is all about?


My name is Evelien van Es and it is my soul mission to inspire and mobilize entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial professionals to convert their burning desire for more satisfaction in their (professional) life, into ACTION. In such a way that they experience the effect of having more impact, acting from their unique ‘being’. I inspire, stir and encourage you to take an honest look in the mirror. I let you see and feel how you can make a difference; to yourself, to the people you love, to your relationships and to your clients. You can find more information on my background here.

Evelien van Es - spreker ondernemerschap en management

“Interactive, playful and refreshing”


Become a business success!

Being successful in business only feels like success if it brings you satisfaction in the (medium) long term. It is as simple as that. Entrepreneurship forces you to take a good look at yourself, with honesty, and at times it is confrontational. There is no escaping it. The world lies at your feet and it is entirely up to you what you do, why, when and how. Within companies too, entrepreneurship and self-management are essential to individuals and teams. Become the director of your own future. With 20 years corporate experience, I know better than anyone what it is like to work in a setting where you can become alienated from yourself. Where you are far from walking your own path.


My story is punctuated with my own “lesson learnt” during my (professional) life. This enhances the impact and leads to self-reflection and action which allows you to make choices for yourself; should I pursue or adjust my course?

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Speaking Testimonials


“Evelien was a guest speaker in The Make It Happen Hub which I host on The Cobra Club. From the minute she started she grabbed the attention of the whole group and we were all totally inspired by her passion, enthusiasm and energy. Also, her book ‘Be Relentlessly Yourself’ is a must read if you want to find your true self and purpose. If you are looking for a great speaker who empowers a room and is a true inspiration I can totally recommend Evelien.”


Elaine Atherton, Sales & Accountability Coach


“Evelien delivered a wonderful session for our Europe and Asia teams at ERT & Bioclinica. It was wonderful to hear how we should all be ourselves! Evelien has a great pace and engaging manner when she speaks. Thank you Evelien!”


Charlotte Lappin, Leadership Development


“Evelien Van Es is at pinnacle of many motivational speakers that I’ve known. She is charismatic and the aura, passion, determination, with which she shares her deep knowledge is profusely engaging and additive. Her book Be Relentlessly Yourself is a best seller and is worth every word of reading.”


Rajesh Jamwal, Career Catalyst and Coach, Training & Placement MBA CAMPUS


“I highly recommend Evelien for supporting your organization. She was visiting ERT and supports us in what authentic leadership looks like, and how to unleash our authentic code and drive towards individual and corporate success. Her corporate experience with the current coaching expertise she has is a great combination of understanding how an individual could grow and achieve success. Evelien is having a natural way of connecting with the audience and create a safe space for being open and drive constructive discussion.”


Kornelia Zegiel, Director Global Women Frankfurt


“It was a great session. I wish every entrepreneur or professional Evelien as a coach! Based on her own experiences and inspiring insights, in combination with the way she stimulates self-reflection with her audience. She is engaging. Our visitors, myself included, hung on her every word. I can therefore wholeheartedly recommend a lecture, workshop or coaching program from Evelien.”


Martin Planken, Creative Director / Internet Entrepreneur Topshelf Media


“Evelien is a passionate coach and gave an inspiring presentation that encourages reflection and thorough self-digging about what you actually want. The question often occupies us is: ‘Is this all there is?’ It forces you to make choices and be aware and also accept that sometimes you have to let go of things. I recommend people who struggle with choices and/or want to change course to attend a training or speaking engagement with Evelien. You will get to new insights.”


– Marco van den Doel, De Communicatiefabriek


“I have rarely seen someone tell a story as well and captivatingly as Evelien does. You see the entire room brighten up with her enthusiasm and it makes you listen with interest. Keep it up!”


– Jasper Wammes, Quicksolid B.V.


“Evelien’s contribution to the meeting of our business club was remarkable. She managed to touch our members emotionally in such a way that personal matters were shared openly and mutual connection was created on a deeper level. In short, it was an inspiring morning that made a lot of sense. We all thought it was very special and transformational.”


– Jan van der Roest, Chairman BCDW


“Evelien gave an inspiring interactive meeting at the Network Club Ladies Business Apeldoorn with the title: ‘Your authenticity as the key to being awarded.’ She made the attendees think and feel about their pain, limiting beliefs and desires. She made connections with the participants based on catchy assignments and got the audience engaged.”


– Lieke Kalhorn, Kalhorn Coaching and Training, Board Ladies Business club Apeldoorn


Event for Entrepreneurs

Participants speaking:


“Pure, inspiring and very valuable. The connection and interaction with like-minded people was wonderful and contributed to a worthwhile day.”- Judith van Gent, Salta Coaching

“An inspiring day, full of awareness, insights and beautiful encounters with other participants.”- Wendy van de Wal, Wendzaam

“Interactive, playful and refreshing.” – Wouter Ploeg, OVD Groep

“Surprising, inspiring and very professional. The combination of personal experience, care throughout the day, cabaret and interactive working methods was very appealing.”- Sandy Bosman, Windkracht8

“Stimulating, surprising yet in a safe context; it sets things in motion and forces you to become more specific. Confronting and makes me want more of it.”- Anonymous

“An event that gives you energy and insights. Evelien does it with heart and soul and that had a strong impact on me. Great to have a moment of reflection and inspiration after a period of hard work.” – Reinout Böggemann, Böggemann Consultancy

“A warm, practical, varied, cheerful and pleasant event. A moment of reflection and to recharge my inspiration battery.” – Ingrid Smit, Je team voor elkaar

“Dynamic, warm and insightful. We took concrete steps in an interactive and entrepreneurial manner.”- Winny Bos 

“A relaxing day, varied program with lots of food for thought and action.” – Sabine van Dijk, Essence NLP

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