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Feeling lost

We all go through things in life, big or small, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the impact the situation has on you and what you experience from within. Your inner world determines how you feel. The situation you are, or were, in might be a divorce, the death of a loved one, an illness you have or someone close to you. It can also be a different situation, recent or even old that still is unprocessed and perhaps suppressed, resulting in that you (still) experience pain, sorrow and/or stress.


You may also have a more dormant lost feeling where you don’t really know what it’s all about, except that you experience it getting stronger and stronger. One of the solutions to get out of the impasse you are experiencing is to learn to feel better and deeper and get to the core of who you really are. Beyond your personality, ego and the self-image you have created. As a life coach I take you by the hand to better recognize and acknowledge your own inner world. In order for you to learn step by step to see through the self and break through patterns. And moreover, that you will lead from who you essentially are.
Life coach

Concrete tools and quick results


In my 1-on-1 coaching I provide you with concrete tools so that you start letting go of what is not yours and become more and more aware of the stories you’ve been telling yourself. In order for you to become more grounded in your natural power of being. In my life coaching I focus on both men and women who feel somewhat stuck and are eager for quick results. I guide you to step into your authentic power and life energy, no matter what you’ve been through in life. On top of that, after the first session you will notice that something is changing. That your view of the world and yourself is different and life changing.




Evelien is able to sense like no other


“In my search for the right coach who could guide me to dive into what I feel and how to be able to connect deeper with my true self; I ended up with Evelien. A life coach who can sense like no other with a lot of experience. She tickled both my heart and mind. Helped me break through patterns. Evelien gave me many new insights and helped me get to the core of myself. She also challenged me. All this is done in a casual setting and always surrounded by the unique, magic energy that Evelien brings along and radiates has been very pleasant. I can say that I now live a complete different life. This is the best gift I ever gave myself.”


– Chris van Luxemburg
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Lead instead of suffer

Everyone faces challenges in life. It’s the art of facing the situation that’s in front of you and take this as an opportunity to see and understand yourself even better for who you really are. To be able to recognize your convictions, break through patterns and view situations from different perspectives. And, above all, be able to learn to feel at a deeper level and get to the core of your essence. I will guide you to distinguish between what’s part of your personality, self-image and ego on the one hand, and your soul, the source of love and light within yourself, on the other hand. This may sound hard to grasp, a bit vague or wooly, but trust me it is by no means. Living a life that’s not yours, that’s wooly. I’ll help you dive deep into the roots of your being. In such a way that you’ll experience more space and are able to face challenges without deep suffering every single time. It’s a matter of discovering how to lead instead of suffer. 

Evelien as life coach


“The calmness and power that Evelien radiates, the open and save space she creates, combined with her deep involvement are extraordinary”
“She senses exactly what is going on deep within me and will not shy away from naming it, always in a gentle way and with an open heart. Exactly what I need.”
“Evelien is a warm personality. She needs little to see through you, which helps to get quickly to the core.”
“Her energy is calm and powerful at the same time. She is challenging and where necessary confrontational. She is a sharp mirror to yourself, alert in relation to your habits and thoughts.”
“She has a sixth sense that allows her to see me through, that makes the sessions with her very productive.”
She sees your blind spots


“Through her loving and at the same time powerful guidance I got to know myself at my deepest being, with my deepest desires in all areas of life. By doing this, I now make choices in life strongly lead by the heart which helps me to remain true to myself, in all circumstances. For me, this feels like arriving home and this gives an unimaginable amount of peace from within. Evelien sees your blind spots, in the moment she feels exactly what it is that you need – especially from yourself. She encourages you to take on what want to be seen and to face it, without letting herself be distracted by (my:) distraction strategies. Evelien herself lives for what she invites you to do. She is a calm, warm, open, powerful, loving and wonderfully fun person. Thank you Evelien for walking this path with me and that I’m able to learn from your wisdom.”


– Rozell Pouw

Have the courage to face ‘it’


Stop settling for a life that’s okay but not the way you feel it’s meant to be. Taking life on isn’t always the easiest way, but it’s the only way. There is simply no shortcut to a life where you have healed your pain and where you remember who you essentially are. There’s no point in hiding from what wants to be seen, it will eat you up and will come back in whatever disguise. Don’t be afraid of it, just have the courage to take on what you know is needed. Create the space to give your life more meaning and depth, with all the experiences that go with it. Learn to embrace them, they are all triggers that want to show you something. What would it be like if you’d actually live life as it is intended for you, with fulfillment and purpose? In such a way that this is reflected in your relationship(s), friendships and in your work? Don’t wait any longer, take action. Waiting a day is one too many.
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Living an intense life


It feels as if I’ve already lived several lives within this one particular life. The word ‘intense’ characterizes me and my life path, in which I do not shy away from going in depth, both professionally and privately. Business wise – in the past – I have been searching for a suitable role for many years, which made me decide, after a corporate career, to continue as a business owner. This was the start of a deep inward journey, into the my core essence, remembering my purpose. Then from there, I fully focused on doing the work that suits me and not the other way around. This involved a lot of work ‘in the basement’ :) 




In my private life I have also been on the move, I often couldn’t find the resonance and depth in friendships and life partners that is so key to me. I went through a separation and men came into my life who struggled to deeply connect (with themselves and therefore also with me), or became seriously ill. In short, my life so far has definitely not been a flat line and has been tough at times. I took it on and it has brought me a lot of wisdom and there is no way back to ignorance. The multitude and diversity of experiences help me to see and feel situations that my clients go through. This makes me love my work and my clients a lot.

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